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Fukushima's Message
to the World

The Fukushima nuclear disaster has many lessons to teach us, and it is our aim to convey this message to an international audience. A group of civil society groups have cooperated to create the '10 Lessons from Fukushima' booklet which was launched in March 2015 to coincide with the 3rd UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai – a forum attended by a range of specialists in disaster risk reduction.

This project has the support of the Japan CSO Coalition for 2015 WCDRR (JCC2015).


We have created a booklet entitled “10 Lessons from Fukushima: Reducing risk and protecting communities from disasters”. This booklet, which is based upon the experiences and testimony of local people, will be translated into around 15 languages, spreading the lessons of Fukushima around the world. ⇒ More

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Five Years On

Voices of FukushimaInterviews with Hasegawa Kenichi and Muto Ruiko from Fukushima on the 5th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and subsequent nuclear disaster, March 2016. (4 minutes)

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We are recruiting volunteers. The 'Fukushima Booklet Committee' aims to convey Fukushima's message to the world by translating the booklet into several languages. We plan to continue these efforts through the following activities. We are looking for volunteers and supporters to assist these efforts.
● Translators (we need translators in many languages)
● Designers, typesetters
● Illustrators and cartoonists
● Editors
● Photographers, and people who can submit photos...and much more!!
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Request for donations


We are distributing copies of this booklet in various languages at no cost. However, donations to cover costs are warmly welcomed. Please contact us for further details.
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