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10 Lessons from Fukushima
Reducing risk and protecting communities from disasters

We have created a booklet entitled “10 Lessons from Fukushima: Reducing risk and protecting communities from disasters”. This booklet, which is based upon the experiences and testimony of local people, will be translated into around 15 languages, spreading the lessons of Fukushima around the world.

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Please get involved in this project!!

The 'Fukushima Booklet Committee' is recruiting volunteers to assist our efforts to convey Fukushima's message to the world. Volunteer activities can include the following. Please contact us with any ideas or for more information.

  • Translators(to translate the language into many more languages)
  • Promotion and distribution of the booklet at events, schools and so on around the world
  • Designers, typesetters
  • Illustrators and cartoonists
  • Editors
  • Photographers, and people who can submit photos
    ...and much more!!

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For more information at Fukushima-related events (Mar 11-13) please contact the Fukushima Symposium Committee.



Fukushima Beacon for Global Citizens Network(FUKUDEN)



Fukushima's Message to the World
- 4 Years Since the Nuclear Accident -
In parallel to the UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction in Sendai.

Global Conference 2015

The UN World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction was held in Sendai in March 2015. At four years since the Fukushima nuclear accident, there was a decline in the amount of reporting on how the damage is continuing, and about the lives of the disaster victims. The Fukushima Booklet Committee coordinated a Global Conference in Fukushima at this time, followed by sessions in Sendai to convey the efforts of disaster victims and the current state of affairs of the nuclear disaster. ⇒ More

Event Schedule
In Fukushima

Our Five Goals

Reflecting on how citizens' coped with the nuclear disaster. Conveying current problems relating to the nuclear disaster. Thinking about a society that doesn't rely on nuclear energy. Telling the world – leading to concrete action Connecting with the world to give encouragement to Fukushima, Japan and the World
Mar 11(Wed) Welcome Reception
Mar 12(Thu) Fukushima field exchange to Iitate Village, Minami-Soma City(tentative)Dinner Reception
Mar 13(Fri) 《Entrance Free》
The Global Conference for Voices from Fukushima
 └Morning:Opening – 'Fukushima's Message to the World'
 └Booklet Launch'10 Lessons from Fukushima'
 └Afternoon:Panel discussion about building a citizen-led anti-nuclear activism.
 └Evening:Comprehensive debate about what lessons Fukushima should transmit to the world.

In Sendai
- A Gathering of International Specialists on Disaster Risk Reduction -

UN World Conference on
Disaster Risk Reduction
The Global Conference
on DRR for Civil Society
Mar 14(Sat) Public Forum:
'Risk reduction in nuclear disasters through citizens' participation'
(Hosted by JIM-NET, Shalom, Peace Boat)
Public Forum:
'Nuclear Disaster Prevention and the Role of Local Authorities'
(Hosted by Mayors for a Nuclear Power Free Japan)
Opening Session
Learn about recovery from local and international speakers on the front lines.
Mar 15(Sun) Public Forums on Fukushima and Nuclear Energy related issues.
Mar 16(Mon)
Mar 17(Tue) Public Forum:
'Four Years Since the Disaster~Fukushima's lessons and the road to community development from the perspective of local NPOs'
(Hosted by the Fukushima CSO Coalition for the WCDRR)
Main Symposium:
'20 years since the start of volunteerism: community-led resilience'